Hey guys, I want to share with you some of my go-to apps for an iPhone that I use almost every day. And I’m sure you can find those for Android as well 😉

1. DropBox – a must have for every iOS user. I use it to quickly upload videos to Instagram from my phone.

2. Google Drive – Same as DropBox, lets you store files and then download from your phone/PC and share with others when needed.

3. Instaget — lets you instantly download any picture/video from Instagram. Useful, if you need to quickly show a quick sample of your beat and you only have your phone on you.

4. Gmail – a very useful app! If you didn’t know – it’s one of the best mail apps.

5.  Trippy – if you need to edit and filter your photo – “Trippy” is your best friend! It’s got one of the best and trippy filters.

6. Facebook Page – this app would be useful for producers who have Facebook Pages. It shows full statistics, comments and engagement tracking and Instagram analysis. The beautiful and convenient design really helps to work with your Facebook Page.

7. Paypal – #1 worldwide company to process online payments. I could put this one as #1 in this list, but I’m too lazy to change things up now, haha.

8. What’s App – With WhatsApp, you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free! I also use it to share my audios/photos/videos with my clients and other music producers. As well as talk to my mom (hey, mom!). Definitely one of my favorites!

8. Canva- I use it to create beautiful designs + documents. It’s got cool drag-and-drop feature which can help a music producer to consistently create & design stunning graphics for Social Media.

9. Twitter – a powerful app if you know how to use it. Help you stay connected with your customers and find you new ones. In soon future, I will write how to find clients and increase your sales by using Twitter.

10. Instagram – this one is truly my favorite app on iOS. I use it to post new beats, discuss new ideas, share pictures from my life and just connect with my clients and artists. I will also write on how to increase your beat sales just by using Instagram.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article about 10 must-have apps for producers and if you wanna discuss anything – feel free to message me on Instagram or just leave a comment on any of my posts there.
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