Mixing & Mastering

Need your song properly mixed? Let us get it done the right way for you!

Stereo mastering is the final process before a song is released to the public. This is where levels are balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches, and any other problems with the mix are ironed-out.

Send us your pre-mix stems and we’ll give your tune a properly balanced, professional mix that will add clarity, warmth and shine while honoring its original character.  We’ll also explain what exactly we did on your song and what you should do next time in order to improve the quality of your song/final mix.

Files submitted for mastering should be in the highest resolution available, and generally in .WAV, and the final mix of what you have (so we understand how your recorded song sounds first). Additionally, for the best possible masters, we recommend removing any pre-mastering processing such as limiting and keeping the highest peak-level of each song at -3dB or less. This would allow us enough headroom to best sculpt the dynamics and overall sound of your songs. Finished songs are delivered directly to your email as downloadable Standard WAV files.

Order it today and get it done within 2-3 days!